Our Values : Dedication , Professionalism , Justice , Integrity and Vigilance

Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO)

is a specialised agency to monitor and investigate economic and organised crime and on the authority of the Attorney General prosecute these offences, to recover the proceeds of crime and provide for related matters

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Integrity has no need of rules

Albert Camus

Why report a Crime

By sharing information you have about a crime that has been or may be committed, you can help law enforcement authorities solve crimes and or prevent crimes from taking place. The EOCO understands that for various reasons people maybe unwilling or hesitant to report a crime. We assure you of our support and protection in this regard. Eoco upholds the dignity and respect for all persons. We also treat information we receive from you in strict confidence

Report Now

If you don’t report crime there will be:

  • No investigation
  • Very little chance that the offender will be caught or brought to justice
  • People including you, may suffer as a result of the crime.
  • The whole Nation Ghana will certainly suffer and a state of insecurity will be created for citizens.
  • It will be difficult to establish the trends in criminal activities in the country and therefore make it very difficult if not impossible to take measures to stop criminal activity from being initiated.